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We plan to post regularly about subjects of interest to our local Democratic community - issues, candidates, events, and anecdotes.  Check in frequently for the latest.  

Our Platform


Issues and policies we support

Issues and policies we support

Issues and policies we support

1. Affordable, accessible healthcare, that includes people with pre-existing conditions

2. Gun safety legislation that protects our kids, our lives, and our rights

3. Smart environmental policies that confront current challenges and future risks, including rejoining the Paris Climate Accord

4, Immigration policies that protect our borders in a humane way that does not entail imprisoning children or separating them from their families 

5. A tax structure that helps the middle class

6. Raising the minimum wage

7. Investment in public school education at both State and Federal levels

8. Investment in infrastructure at both State and Federal levels

9. Protection and extension of the right to vote

10. Women's rights, including equal pay for equal work; and protection of a woman's right to make her own medical decisions

11. LGBT rights

12. Roe v. Wade is settled law and cannot be undone

13. Citizen's United is a disaster for our country and must be undone

14. Faithful adherence to the separation of powers

15. A full and unfettered investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and efforts to enlist foreign interference in the 2020 election

16. A coherent foreign policy that recognizes the imperative of the NATO Alliance, stands for democratic values globally, and upholds our responsibilties as the most powerful nation in the world

17. Net Neutrality

18. Safeguarding the free press as our fundamental first right

19. A serious, collaborative, and innovative approach to solving Connecticut's budget problems.


Candidates we endorse

Issues and policies we support

Issues and policies we support

Democratic candidates in the 2020 election:


State Representative

CT 64th District


State Senator 

CT 30th District


US Congresswoman

CT 5th District


Democratic Candidate for President

(more to come)



About the committee

Issues and policies we support

About the committee

The goals of the Kent Democratic Town Committee are:

1. To encourage the registration of voters in the Democratic Party

2. To identify and support Democratic candidates for elected office in municipal,state and federal elections

3. To nominate and endorse delegates to state and district Democratic conventions

4. To promote the positions, interests and principles of the Democratic Party in our community

Current KDTC officers and members:

Patricia Oris, Chair

Pam White, Vice Chair

Athenaide Dallett, Secretary

Dan Gantt, Treasurer

Suzanne Charity, Nominating Committee Chair


Melissa Cherniske

Deb Devaux

Miri Knight

Therese Duncan

Leslie Lillien Levy, Campaign Committee Chair


Caitlyn Lynch

Betty Krasne

Pam White

Judy Sheridan

Miri Knight

Patricia Oris, Fundraising Committee Chair


Lianna Gantt

Melissa Cherniske

Zanne Charity

Betty Krasne

Dan Gantt

Zanne Charity

Patricia Oris, Chair of the Social Media Committee


Melissa Cherniske

Caitlyn Lynch

Athenaide Dallett

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